SRG Fashion

Private Labeling

SRG Fashion has the experience and expertise to create brands from the ground up. We can help you make your vision into a reality.

We offer extensive options for private labeling for both small and large orders. Private labeling has a plethora of benefits, including building your own unique brand for your customers to recognize. The internet, as well as the ease and accessibility of online shopping, has made today’s market more competitive than ever. Private labeling has become all but essential, protecting the integrity of your store.

Manufacturing without the proper experience can be counterproductive, and for single retail stores, the orders are usually smaller, so factories will either refuse the order or charge a high premium. SRG Fashion has fostered and built long-term relationships with our factories, thus we manufacture at a steadfast rate without any complications, regardless of what the order is. We are capable of producing fine clothing specified to your requirements, with your label, for your retail store(s). Note: We do not offer this service to personal shoppers.

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